Ah yes what a lovely Saturday morning it was yesterday, which later turned into a freezing Saturday evening, So typical of the weather of here. The sun was out with its deceiving notion that you could leave your house without a coat or jacket, tsk tsk…Nevertheless great things up ahead this week, and yes I have decided to start my week with Saturday lol, random but hey who is really keeping a tab right.

Went through my songs for my performance as part of UDVC, had a great performance later that evening at Rich Mix, Industry takeover was a hit, also performing was, Ghetts, Griminal, Master steps and many more great UK acts great night all in all.

SeeJay100 received a great hook up from Adidas for his wardrobe for his 8 bar music video being shot today, great things are expected from this video, so keep it locked Just Bounce all the way.

I am on my grind with my lyrics, putting my music together, making sure it flows, making sure it makes sense, making sure I hit it hard, with what I am working on right now I ain’t taking no prisoners. This is me the artist, the innovator, the lyricist, the one that will say what you only thinking of saying. I am exploring “The other side of Me”. I find music to be so amazing, such a powerful force, people need to explore it, pull it apart so they can see whats hidden inside. It is with that they will discover how to rediscover the art that is music!!

  • Music is lyrical poetry, once you’ve got your floe-try,
  • you’ll never be in poverty, for it gives you sanity,
  • It’s about the notions, of your emotions,
  • you can ask questions, that will give you direction,
  • you can add sentiment, or even a compliment,
  • you can have sarcasm, or even narcissism,
  • you can be controversial or simply conversational,
  • It doesn’t matter what you write about,
  • There’s always someone that’ll know what you on about!

As I wind down, I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend, I have only got forward to go, I hope like me, you are thinking positive and looking at the glass as half full as opposed to half empty. This week, I look forward to adding more ground work to the projects that are at hand with Just Bounce Records, I look forward to writing new material for myself aka Elaka, i look forward to the almighty blessing me with a clear path all the way to the end of the week, until i am ready to start the new one with new hopes and aspirations…..

…..To Be Continued……………………………………