Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-07-28T21:41:13+01:00
Do you offer talent you sign a monetary advance?2018-07-28T22:22:19+01:00

We offer management deals which do not come with any advanced payments for the talent. Our terms are under the agreement that we procure a percentage from any work secured by Effycom for the talent.

How much deposit do you charge?2018-08-21T17:56:30+01:00

Yes we charge a deposit of 70% of the service fee with 30% due upon delivery of the final product/service.

Do you charge for a consultation?2018-08-21T18:05:06+01:00

We do have a consultation fee in place, which is redeemable with payment of the service fees, after a contract is signed and the deposit for the service rendered is paid.

How long do you take to design logos and flyers?2018-08-21T17:54:01+01:00

We offer a 24 hours turnaround service on all poster designs, logos, and flyers, including promotional material.

How can I submit content to TGZ TV?2018-08-21T17:52:50+01:00

You can submit content for air on TGZ TV by sending an email to

What sort of talent do you manage?2018-08-21T17:51:41+01:00

We manage a wide range of talent from singers, models, actors, authors and many more.


I am starting a new business and I don’t know much about branding2018-08-21T17:48:25+01:00

We cater to all sizes of businesses, we can help you startup your brand from inception. This includes designing a logo, business stationery such as business cards, letterheads, all the way to a website and social media platforms. You have the option to choose how much branding you would like us to apply as we offer bespoke packages in accordance to the client’s requirements.

How much do you charge for your services?2018-07-28T22:22:17+01:00

Our services start from only £80 for a logo design. For more information you can get in touch via our contact page by Clicking Here

When I sign a management deal with you, how long does it take for me to start making money?2018-08-21T17:20:26+01:00

Every talent is different dependent on the level of talent, and the circumstances surrounding that particular talent. At Effycom, our preferred method is to put our talent through a development process first, before putting together a full marketing strategy and officially launching their career. This is to allow for the talent to gain adequate information regarding what to expect down the line as well as help them solidify a lasting career.

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