Our Mission

The ethos for The Effycom Group is to establish innovative companies and projects that will have a great impact in today’s ever-changing world of information technology, public opinion and next generation interests. Fuelled with a creative outlook to life and work; The Effycom Group does not to shy away from a challenge and what better challenge is there than to venture into uncharted territory. This type of out of the box thinking has placed The Effycom Group in a position to launch a publication; TGZ Magazine, establish the first ever Zambian Music Charts, ZMTA a talent and careers portal that helps cater to the demands of Effycom’s streaming platform TGZ TV as well as aid in agencies, studios and other establishments in acquiring employees and talent. Other establishments currently under construction and slowly making their way into the public forum are; ElHry: Clothing and Household Accessories, The Cypher Clash hip hop TV competition, Under Privileged Films, Give Back, Give With Heart, and many more, which all tie back to each other and to the growth of innovating the Effycom Group brands.

The Effycom Group is not only solely focused on creating and developing its own brands, but stretches its arms to embrace change and the art of the collaboration. Being able to collaborate with other establishments creates a wider demographic for The Effycom Group companies to reach out to, and it reinforces a brand loyalty within the industry that is very much needed in aid of the growth of various companies, inspiring others, the creation of employment, and the growth of an effective global community.

Why Choose Us

  • Award wining brand development and consultancy.

  • Dynamic team to cater to your marketing, branding, events needs and more.

  • Award winning project art direction and marketing.

  • Bespoke packages on events, artist packages, business packages and more.

Our Crazy Skills

Marketing 90
Brand Development 95
Art Direction 85
Talent Management 91
Broadcast Media 80

Current & Past Clients